How I live a happy life while chasing all my ambitious dreams — a short story ⛰

  • It is okay to have ambitious dreams and goals and to work hard for them. But remember, there is no guarantee you will find happiness or fulfillment when you reach them.
  • Talk with your family and beloved ones if you do not feel good. Never push them away! They are not blocking you from achieving your goals.
  • Take a break now and then and think about the best and worst-case scenario. Are they really so different in the end?
  • Money is definitely not something that should drive your happiness. It makes certain parts of life easier but you can also be happy with very little.
  • Focus on finding happiness along your journey in life. Would you either take 15 years of pain and stress to discover that this will not make you happy in the end OR experience 15 years of a happy and mindful life that does not get influenced by reaching this certain goal or dream.
  • Try meditation now and then to get to know yourself. You do not have to meditate daily as I do, but it will benefit you so much. Just give it some time and approach it with no expectation. Just let it unfold.



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I am a self-made entrepreneur founding multiple businesses and investor in real estate investor. I love to meditate and want to share my learnings over time.